Save and share the memories you and your kids will cherish forever.

  • The baby book and family journal for busy parents
  • Capture moments with quick notes and photos
  • Privately share with family and close friends
  • Download and print your posts anytime

Start creating your collection of milestones, firsts, stories, quotes, achievements, pregnancy notes and more.

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Quick and easy

You're busy! Kidlee makes it easy to enter quick updates about those big and little moments. It's super easy to add photos too.

You'll soon have a timeline of memories you and your kids will cherish forever.

Sensibly social

Kidlee is completely private. If you choose, you can invite family and close friends to receive automatic e-mail updates.

Grandparents especially love getting their email updates!

Download & print

Having an online journal of memories is wonderful, but sometimes you just want to have a printed copy.

Download and print your posts and photos at any time.

Your data is stored safely in the cloud, and backed up nightly on Amazon S3 servers. So if your phone is ever lost, stolen, or goes for a swim, your data is completely safe.