Save and privately share life's precious moments.

Unlike the traditional baby book or journal, Kidlee's Twitter-like interface gives busy parents a quick and simple way to save the memorable things their kids say and do. You can even privately share your entries with others if you wish. No more empty baby books in the closet collecting dust!

Kidlee is free and works best using the mobile app for iPhone and iPod. You can also access Kidlee on the web using a modern browser.

You choose how to share.

Kidlee is completely private. Only you can see your posts, unless you choose to privately share with family and close friends. If you do choose to share, your followers will receive automatic email updates. They won't have to sign up for anything - it just works. And they will love their updates, we promise.

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Our story...

ElainaHi. We're Elaina and Gary Verhoff, the mom and dad behind Kidlee. Like most parents, we think our kids -- well, let's be honest -- we think our kids rock. Unfortunately, for the first few years of parenthood, we missed out on chronicling a lot of the cool things they did. Then as our kids got older, we realized they weren't just cute, they were funny!

We knew there had to be a way to use technology to quickly capture our kids' funny quotes and stories, and to share privately with family and close friends. So we set to work, and created Kidlee. Our goal was to keep Kidlee simple, while providing the key features parents are looking for, like ease of use and privacy.


So maybe your child said or did something funny today, had a cool experience, or learned something new. We invite you to join Kidlee and start saving and sharing all their little (and big) moments.

We hope you enjoy Kidlee as much as we do.

Elaina & Gary